Wireless Ambient Lighting Control System

Pratik Panchal (, Kedar Vidvans (
M.Eng, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Cornell University


(I) Code: Request Source codes

(II) Video Capture / Demonstration:

Lab Demonstration

(III) Schematics: The ExpressPCB files of the schematic can be downloaded from here. The image files are below.

1. Main Unit:
Figure 14: Main unit schematic
Click the image to enlarge

2. Sensor Unit:
Figure 15: Sensor unit schematic
Click the image to enlarge

(IV) Bill of Materials / Costs Incurred:

Sr No. Items Quantity Cost
1 Atmega16L 2
2 Wireless reciever 433kHz 1 4
3 Wireless Transmitter 433kHz 1 4
4 PIR sensor (digikey) 1 10.76
5 Power LEDs(1 watt) 3 8.85
6 Solder Boards for main unit and sensor unit 2 5
7 Small Solder Board for keypad 1 1
8 Power Supply 1 5
9 DIP socket 2 1
10 Crystal 8.00MHz(from Bruce) 2
11 Push buttons(from Bruce) 3
12 2n3904 NPN transistor(from Bruce) 2
13 Capacitors(0.1uF )(from Bruce) 8
14 wires 2 meters
15 Battery for sensor unit 4 8

(V) References:

1. Atmega16 datasheet

2. code for transmitter-receiver

3. Optocoupler (4N35) datasheet 

4. PIR sensor datasheet 
Digi-key part number:255-3086-ND

5. ECE 4760 Airship project from 2010

6. ECE 4760 project: Wireless Protocol-by Meghan Desai

(VI) External Link: The original version of this work is available on school site at:

Disclaimer: This work has been done as term work for the course ECE4760 Digital System Design using Microcontroller, at school of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University by Pratik Panchal and Kedar Vidvans under guidance of Prof. Bruce Land. Readers can use the presented work on this site as long as they acknowledge the source. The work is presented in as-is condition and If used, no liability is borne by either the authors or the school.

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